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Saving Me [Standalone]

Title: Saving Me
Author: scarvesnhoods 
Pairing: Pete Wentz/Jon Walker
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pete needs to be reassured that Jon will always be the one to come to his rescue.
Disclaimer: This is not real.
A/N: Just a quick little drabble of a fic that I needed to get out of my system. Rather AU.

    Jon had gotten on the first flight he could find to whatever town in Arkansas Pete had said he was in when he received the call. Pete sounded frantic and for lack of a better vocabulary, delirious. Something about a balcony and thoughts of jumping in hopes of missing the pool… Jon didn’t remember the details and he didn’t want to remember the details. Balcony and jump were the only words he needed to get into his car and get on a plane.

    When he got to the hotel, rushing up the flights of stairs because the elevators were wasted moments to Pete’s room, he didn’t know what to expect. What he got was Pete sitting on the floor of the balcony, munching on a sandwich.

    Pete’s legs were between the bars, dangling off the edge into the air. His fifth floor room wasn’t the highest in the building, but there was a dazed feeling around him, a confusion in the air he was breathing in, making him feel like he was in the clouds where only the stars and airplanes could float higher.

    “What in the… Pete?” Jon mumbled, sounding just as confused as he looked. He approached the back of the man he proudly called his boyfriend, squatting down next to him. “What is going on?”

    “Hm?” Pete looked over at Jon, happily chewing a bite of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Oh, hey.”

    Jon raised his eyebrow, despite it being covered by his chestnut colored hair. There was nothing about this day he understood. He didn’t understand the phone call that woke him up, but he knew he needed to get to wherever Pete had said he was – Kansas? Maybe Oklahoma. And now he didn’t understand how Pete could have gone from near suicidal to whatever this mood was. It wasn’t happy, there was too much crazy in Pete’s eyes for that but it was calmer than hours before and Jon guessed that was good. “Hi… um, what are you doing? Are you okay?”

    He nodded, “yeah, I’m okay. Do you want a bite?” Pete pressed the edge of his sandwich against Jon’s lips but Jon just shook his head. “The room service people made it with chunky peanut butter just like I asked. Isn’t that awesome? When the dude brought it up here, I said it was nice of them to fix my favorite sandwich for my last meal and he kind of just gave me this odd look and walked off. I don’t know why… huh.” He took another bite, shrugging his shoulders and surveyed the area but not really seeing anything. Not the trees with their leaves blowing gently with the soft breeze. Not the sun that would have appeared like a blanket over him if he had looked up. And not Jon, who looked like he was going to lose his delicious flight meal of deli sliced ham and melted cheese on a hot dog bun at Pete’s mention of a last meal.

    “You know,” Pete spoke up again after a minute of silence. “For a nice hotel, this balcony is really fucking dirty. There’s cigarette ashes and mud and I think even a pile of dog shit that my dog didn’t leave here. You’d think they could fucking clean it once and awhile. Oh, and maybe a paint job or two? Jesus.”

     Jon rolled his eyes and grabbed Pete’s bicep, rising to his feet. “Get up,” he muttered sternly. “Get inside.” Pete shoved the remaining bit of his sandwich in his mouth and did as he was told, allowing Jon to drag him back into the hotel room. Jon let go of Pete for a quick second to move Hemingway off of the bed before scooping Pete up into his arms and sitting down on the now empty bed.

    Pete looked into Jon’s eyes for a minute until he looked down, not being able to take what he saw anymore. The eyes he stared into weren’t the soft, warm and deep brown eyes he woke up to in the mornings. They were cold, hard, angry and worst of all, they were disappointed. He hid his face against Jon’s neck and as if a spell being broken, he sighed, feeling the guilt fill the room. “Mad at me?”

    Jon tilted his head back to look up at the ceiling with it’s speckled white paint not being able to cover the yellow spots from leakage damage. He idly wondering why Pete even thought this was a nice hotel to begin with before he tried to debate whether or not he was truly mad at Pete. He wasn’t happy with him, but he always found it difficult to stay mad at Pete for longer than a few minutes especially when he knew there had to be a good reason for whatever he’d just done. “Why? Why were you going to do that?”

    “I wasn’t going to really. I wanted to see if you’d come and save me,” he whispered against Jon’s neck. Jon could only frown and tighten his arms around Pete as if to speak the words he knew would never sound right if they were vocalized. “But I know you always will.”

    Jon tilted his head down a little and kissed Pete’s temple, “of course I will… I love you,” he mumbled quietly, speaking the words Pete had longed to hear for the first time. Pete smiled and lifted his head, placing a kiss on Jon’s lips.
    “And I love you, I do.”
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