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Time After Time, Month after Month [standalone]

Title: Time After Time, Month after Month
Author: scarvesnhoods
Pete Wentz/Jon Walker
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Pete has to leave for a tour and doesn't want to miss Jon while he's gone.
Disclaimer: This isn't true.
A/N: There is a song mentioned in the story several times by a band called Quietdrive. You can download the song HERE if you'd like.

    Jon leaned in and kissed Pete, right below his bottom lip. His light brown bangs fell down and covered his deep brown eyes- those eyes that Pete could never look into for too long without feeling like he could drown. Pete gently pushed Jon away and looked up at the honey dew moon in the navy sky, sighing a little, “please don’t do that.”

    He tilted his head, deeply furrowing his eyebrows. “But… I thought you liked that, Pete?”

    “Well, right now I don’t.” Pete shrugged his shoulders, picking at the sharp, slightly damp blades of grass. He was still fixated on the low hanging moon, too low. Like he could just reach up and grab it from the darkening sky. Several stars were twinkling now against the backdrop, like light shining through paper when you poke holes through it with a pencil as a little kid.

    Everything okay? Was all Pete could hear in the distance.

    He shrugged his shoulders again. “I think I just want to go home.”

    But it’s kind of early and I want to spend as much time with you as I can.

    Muted hearing. Not disinterest. Think of it more as a hardening of the shell. “I know.”

    Pete sat up and brushed off his pants, not that it helped with the wet spots from the grass. “But I’m just… tired, I guess and I have to get up early.” He looked past Jon. Seductive wasn’t the word he wanted to use right now, but it would work. One look and he wouldn’t look away. One look and his heart would do that sinking thing and his words would do that vomiting thing and no, not right now. Not here. Not ever.

    Jon simply nodded a little and grabbed Pete’s hand. They started walking back to Pete’s house and Jon was humming.


     They stood off to the side of the club, watching the singer of some local band swing his microphone around in the air. Tossing it. Catching it. Stopping to sing into it as his body swung around the stage. It hadn’t been all that exciting but when he started singing the words to an old Cyndi Lauper song, Pete groaned. “This is so punk rock, dude.” Jon laughed.

    God, Jon’s laugh. It was always so loud and rich sounding. Pete would always smile when he heard it.

    Halfway through, Pete decided it wasn’t such an awful version of the song. And Jon slid his hand into Pete’s hand, lacing their fingers. Pete squeezed Jon’s hand as he smiled a little. There was something in the air around them once their fingers latched. It wasn’t just the heat from the summer night air or the smoke from the inhabitants of the club. Magical was too much of a cliché for Pete, but it was all he could think of to describe it.

    Also known as taking it to the next level.

    Also known as comfortable.

    Also known as love.

    The way Jon’s hand was bigger than Pete’s hand, his fingers wider but not longer; the way they so easily fit together, Jon’s skin soft against Pete’s rough, dry skin… there was something more to it. There was security. Like the security Pete felt sleeping in his childhood bed even at the age of twenty-one. Call him a Momma’s boy and he’d tell you to fuck off. Change was something he wasn’t ready to deal with.

    A month ago or maybe it was more, it felt like a lot less, was the first time they’d both heard that version of the song Jon was humming.


    That night, Jon walked Pete home like the gentleman he is. That, took some time for Pete to get used to. He was always used to being the man. Opening the doors. Walking the other one home. Making all the plans. Gender status quo mentality. Jon refused to let Pete do those things. That’s my job, he’d tell Pete. And Pete would grumble and give in and over time, he grew to like it.

    Instead of a kiss goodnight like normal, Pete stepped into his parent’s house and held the door open for Jon.

    Jon followed Pete into the bedroom and watched Pete push the two twin beds together. Jon had never been inside of Pete’s room before he tried to take in everything he could see as fast as possible. The action figures. The books stacked on his desk. The posters of bands Jon wasn’t all too familiar with. He pulled off his shirt as he walked over to Jon.

    Oh, shit. He was undoing his pants. It was like just watching Pete undress before him was too much to handle. His erection being trapped inside his jeans. Think of kittens, grandmas, nuns, Kathy Griffith, anything to keep from exploding.  

    Then he felt Pete’s hands slip under his shirt, the dry skin sending shivers down his spine and goose bumps appearing on the tender skin. And his clothes had somehow fallen to the floor before he realized he was on top of Pete, on the makeshift queen sized bed, their hips grinding together. Pete grabbed the lube from the bedside table and poured some onto his hand, soft whimpers escaping his mouth, lips parted as he looked up at Jon. His hand sealed around Jon’s cock. Kittens. Grandmas. Nuns. Kathy Griffith. Rosie O’Donnell.

    Pete lifted his head, smashing his lips against Jon’s lips. Not in an ‘ow, fuck, that hurt’ way but in an ‘truly desperate for this, need this now’ way; he gasped softly against Jon’s lips as he felt Jon slowly push inside of him and Jon took the opportunity to slide his tongue into Pete’s mouth.

    Their tongues rubbed against his each other’s, neither of them fighting for dominance in the kiss, just working together. They remained like that for another minute until Jon started to thrust into Pete, his head tilting back against the bed, quietly whimpering Jon’s name over and over, like it was the only thing he knew how to do.

    Jon allowed himself to grin proudly as he looked down at Pete beneath his body. Pete’s body gently shuddered when he felt Jon’s warm, sweaty palm against his cock. Tugging at it. Rubbing the pad of his thumb against the tip. Sending him over the edge of pleasure, bringing Jon with him.

    They fell asleep shortly after, Jon humming the song in Pete’s ear.

    A month ago or maybe it was more, it felt like a lot less, was the first time they’d made love.


     They got to Pete’s parent’s house and Pete turned to Jon, looking past him again. “So, uh… guess this is goodbye for a bit?”

    He nodded a little.

    “I’ll call?”

    He just nodded a little again.

    Then there was silence. Awkward silence.

    Also known as walls being built between them.

    Also known as hearts breaking.

    Also known as the end.

    “Why do I get the feeling that you’re not sad?” Jon asked, not being able to take the silence anymore. His head was moving in an imperfect circle, trying to look directly at Pete. “…Jesus, could you just look at me?”

    Pete squeezed his eyes shut when Jon’s eyes finally locked with his. Heart sinking fast. Word vomit seconds away.

    “I need to not need you when I’m gone, okay? I just… I can’t do this anymore. Not now.” He turned and went into the house, softly shutting the door behind him.

    He was gone the next morning. The first tour for his new band and Jon slept through him leaving. He had planned on being at Pete’s house to say goodbye one last time, but that idea seemed ridiculous now. The next day, he had a shift at Starbucks and told his manager he’d be willing to take any and all extra shifts as long as they didn’t coincide with his classes.

    Keeping himself busy would be the best way to not miss Pete, he thought. At least, not miss him too much.

    And Pete couldn’t have agreed more. He tried to keep his mind off of everything else but the band and the nightly shows. But it was late at night that he would admit to himself his plan had failed. He needed Jon. He missed Jon. He hated himself for allowing his heart to get so attached.

    It was only a month long tour. It felt longer. When it was over, Pete returned to his parent’s house and found a blank CD on his bed with a piece of crumpled paper attached to the case by a piece of clear tape. “Listen to this, then go out back,” Pete mumbled to himself as he read the writing.

    “…What the hell?” Pete took the CD out of his blue container and put it in his CD player, pressing the play button. The song started and his heart dropped down to his stomach. He sat down on the bed and sighed to himself, letting the song continue to play. The song Jon would always hum to him. The song that played when he felt safe. The song he felt their love to. Their song, short and simple.

    Once it was over, he went downstairs and out the back door like the note had implied for him to do. There stood Jon.

    Pete figured that if a body could actually freeze in time, this is what it would feel like. Guilt probably wasn’t the word he wanted to use, but it was the closest one to define what he felt dump on him when he saw Jon. Guilt being dumped like a bucket of cold water on his head.

    “I waited for you to come back.”

    Pete nodded a little.

    “I need to tell you something.”

    He just nodded again.

    There was silence. Expectant silence.

    Jon approached Pete.

    “You can tell me you don’t want to need me, or whatever else you try to tell yourself to stop that hurt you avoid. But I know that it’s bullshit. That’s why I’m just going to wait. For a month, for three, for however long you want to push me away, time after time.”

    Pete bit back a smile and looked at Jon, directly in the eyes despite getting lost in them. “It didn’t work anyway,” he whispered. “I missed you… I missed you so fucking much.”

    Jon softly pressed his lips against Pete’s lips before tapping the back of his head, smiling from ear to ear. “Then don’t go and pull that shit again, jerk.”

    He laughed softly and dragged Jon into the house, wanting to get started on making up for all that lost time. “I won’t, promise. At least now I know for sure you’ll always catch me if I mess up.”

    “That’s just because you’re a lucky son of bitch,” Jon said as Pete shut his bedroom door before their lips attached and their legs carried their bodies over to the bed.

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Deleted comment

thanks! your icon is cute, too.
so, i've had that song on repeat all through reading this.
and i think my heart broke a little when pete left.
but. it's all back together again now because the ending was so adorable.
i love itttt :)
aw, it makes me happy that you were listening to the song. it's a great cover of "time after time".

i'm glad you liked it!


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

That was so cute, really well written also.
Adding that tomy memories.
aww. thanks, i'm glad you liked it!

Deleted comment

i tend to not really say when i'm writing something. it keeps the pressure off.

aww, yay! loved this!
gah. this kinda hit me in the stomach too.

and time after time is one of my all-time favorite songs. i have SO many versions of this song, it's not even funny. thank you for giving me another one to add to my collection. :D

you're very welcome. i absolutely love it.
aww that was excellent. ♥
thank you, i'm glad you liked it!
I love this. Quietdrive is awesome. I got to see them about a month ago.
thank you!

quietdrive are very awesome. they're from my hometown so i've seen them a lot and it's always a good time.
I just had to play that song. :|

Anyway. After many distractions.

I think that story is amazing. Like... how you made Pete not want Jon and how he was all... distant during the whole beginning. It seems like a Pete thing to do. And you made me get really sad when Pete left.

Then aw Jon.

Just aw.

I love it.

but it's good, so it's okay.

awwww, thank you! ♥
Not to be one to follow the herd but AWWWWW!!! It was just so sweet! Sweet as Petey's red velvet cupcakes!
haha, thanks!
ok Pete you can't leave Jon like that!! It was mean and heartbreaking!
Jon is far too cute and gentleman like I love him like that!
Very good!
The ending was adorable.
thanks, i'm glad you liked it!
i absolutely love the cover of that song.=]
and quietdrive. ;]

veryveryvery good story.
they're a really great band.

thank you. i'm glad you liked it!